I joined 1000 Speakers Conference in English #27.

I made a presentation titled "why I am here today?".

Here is my outline of my presentation.

As I wrote on my blog, my job role has been changed this January. Previously I manage R&D investment in my company. Now I am in charge of managing human resource development of global leaders.

In order to expand business outside Japan, we, not our company but also Japan itself need more and more global leaders.

Who first dives into cold water? The first penguin will be the leader. We need such a leader.

Confucius (孔子), an ancient Chinese philosopher 2000 years ago, said,

  • at 15 years old, I started to study.
  • at 30 years old, I stood by myself.
  • at 40 years old, I had no doubt any more. (不惑)
  • at 50 years old, I knew my mission. (天命)

Now I am 46 years old, between 40 and 50. I will know my mission.

Here my mission statement.

Supporting global leaders growth.

To speak in English is mandatory

for global leaders.

Why do I think so?

Let me explain my experience.

I have five episodes encountering English in my life.

  • Episode #1 as a Host Family
  • Episode #2 as a Back Packer
  • Episode #3 as a member of English Speaking Society
  • Episode #4 Stationed in Singapore
  • Episode #5 with Business Partners Abroad

Times up.

To be continued

next 1000 Speakers Conferences in English.

I appreciated for today event arrangement to Yoshioka-san and HDE staff.

If you want to join the conference, please follow doorkeepers.