Today I joined 1000 Speakers Conference in English #28. Even though I was a starting member of the conference, this is the third time for me to join it. Last time #27 I promised I will make a presentation of five episodes how I encountered English. But I broke my promise, I made another one. I would like to focus on my mission global leaders' growth.

“Fools say they learn from their experience.

I prefer to learn from the experience of others.”

This is a famous saying by Otto von Bismarck, a German Prime Minister in 19th Century. I would like to learn from the experience of others too.

How Japan lost WW2 (1941-1945).

I would like to mention of it not a moral point of view but economic point of view.

The answer is

  • poor resource planning
  • ignorance of logistics

Japan built battleship but didn't plan petroleum. As known, Kamikaze flights had only one-way petroleum. Battleship Yamato also didn't have enough. In fact, there were no plan.

Government don't send food to fronts. "You shall procure food there!” It is stupid. Then Japan lost. More detail, you can find my blog posts below.

Go back today.

Human resources are critical too for global business expansion.

In order to expand business globally, generally speaking,

  1. establish oversea subsidiaries.
  2. appoint CEOs of each subsidiary.
  3. give high revenue target.

The above is not enough.

I suggest,

  1. business expansion with human growth
  2. Invest human resources.

Now I am planning and executing "Short-term exchange training programs".

  • Force people to go abroad first.
  • Experience is important.
  • Find any issues or chances there.

I would like to discuss with you regards any idea of human investments; any training programs, exercises for global leaders' growth.

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