Hello!, Bon Jour!, Guten Tag! 你好!(Ni Hao), Selamat Petang!, friends of the world! I got many messages from USA, UK, France, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia. I am glad to hear from all of you. I appreciate for your concerning. I would like to let you know the current situation from my point of view. First of all, I and my family are safe. My friend and colleagues too. Nobody is injured. Nothing is physically destroyed. But there are some confusions among people. People buy foods, waters and batteries urgently. Then goods are almost sold out. See the photo below I took in the supermaket store in the evening of March 14th. I am worried about the shortage of goods next week. 110314-200619
The center of the massive earthquake that happend last Friday was in the eastside of Japan. "Seismic intensity", we Japanese call it "Shindo(震度)", was 5 upper in Tokyo. Please refer to the Wikipedia description. Here JWA, Japan Weather Association, provides the seismic intensity map. Yellow color is 5 upper. However, in Tokyo, no houses nor buildings are damaged at all despite of high vibration. I have never seen any houses collaption in Tokyo. I am proud that this is the proof of high Japanese quality. But the damage was caused by not the earthquake itself but the giant tsunami that wiped out the eastcoast of Japan, as you have watched scenes on TV broadcasting and Internet. Over 3,000 people died, over 400,000 people can't go home yet, and over 10,000 people are still missing. The tsunami also wiped out nuclear power plants in Fukushima prefecture, in the middle of the eastcoast. That means two issues. One is a risk of radiation damage that you must know through TV and Internet. I will not repeat the explanation here. The second issue is insufficiency of electric power supply. It is only 70% of demands in Tokyo and and its suburbs. TEPCO, Tokyo Elec Power Co., have scheduled rolling blackouts this Monday. It is true that there is no riot nor robbery. Tokyo has the world number one railway network. Here I've found Tokyo Train Map. Here is my train album on facebook. I am just a fan of it. Most of people in Tokyo transfer by train. I always take trains for 45 minutes from my home to my office. Last Friday night when the earthquake happened, I went back from my office to home by walk and bus. I walked over 10km. I've never watched so many people walked before. Here somebody posted the scene on youtube. On Saturday and Sunday, trains were recovered because electric power demands decrease weekend and increase weekdays. This Monday, fewer trains were running. Anyway I reached my office but half of colleagues couldn't come to office. Tuesday, Company told employees not to come office unless urgent issues. Today, March 16th Wed, I am staying at home and writing this blog. I was asked by some friends what they can do for me. I am very glad for such offers. I think I, my family, company and Japan can manage and get over this situation. All I can ask you is to trust Japan. Hopefully please buy Japanese products. As I mentioned before, the earthquake prooved high Japanese quality again. It will be helpful for future Japanese recovery. Here I've just found a message from Ken Watanabe, main actor of Last Samurai (with Tom Cruise), Letters from Iwo Jima, and Inception (with Leo DiCaprio). Its title is "Kizuna"(絆). It means tie, connection or unity. Internet or socialmedia connects friends of the world. I appreciate for you and "kizuna". cortesy of "kizuna311.com"