I joined "1000 English Speakers -OpenCUxTechWave-" held on May 18th 2011. This is the second time of "1000 English Speakers". First 1000 English Speakers was held on Jan 24th 2011 at Rakuten.

I made a presentation titled "New Era after 3.11" at this time. Here is the slide. If you have any questions or any comments, please add your comment on this blog, or tweet me on twitter

Here are my reconsiderations(反省)

1) Not enough preparation, not enough habituation. I haven't spent to speak English for a long time. I should have started to listento English radio or podcast for one month. If I did, I could habituate to listen to and speak English better. When not enough preparation, not good presentation.. This was one of the worst presentation in my life.


2) My presentation is too abstract. I hardly use such key words like as Materialism, Idealism, and Spiritualsim. If I made a presentation in japanese, it would be diffiult for me too.


Courtesy to ToshiAizawa

My good points(我ながら良かった点)

1) I could manage time. 余裕の時間制限内だった。
2) I mentioned of the previous presenter suddenly. He talked about 3.11 too and recovered a community with his neighborhood. I am sympathized with his presentation.



The presenters' English and presentation ability at this time are much better than them last time. Especially, two after me are pritty good at English presentation.


Others' Presentation(他の方のプレゼン)

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