Tokyo Kaigi Conference 2015

This blog post is both in English and Japanese.

I joined Tokyo Kaigi Conference 2015 at Roppongi-Hills today.

It was more than I expected. Foreign students on my table are from Indonesia, Guatemala, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. Others are from Singapore, Russia, Mongol, Rwanda, Egypt, South Africa etc. I saw lots of people from Africa. However, I didn't see any people from People's Republic of China, Korea nor United States.

This event was a valuable opportunity to discuss social issues with foreign people from many countries. Here Japanese people are minority to foreign people. There will be not such an opportunity except this event.

Key note speech was by Yukio Tada, Chairman of Pro-Japanese committee of Keizai Doyukai, Japan Assoc. of Corporate Executives.

I suspect the biggest barrier for foreign students in Japan must be language. I respect their courage, behavior, action and leadership to get over the barrier in order to come to Japan. Japanese society and companies shall correspond to them.

I described a blog post titled "supporting growth of global leaders (グローバルビジネスを担う人材の成長支援について)" four days ago. When I wrote it, I supposed them as Japanese. I have to revise it. I will support growth of global leaders who are not only Japanese but also any people from any countries.

I appreciate the effort of members from CISA, the organizer for the conference.

Tokyo Kaigi Conference 2015










Tokyo Kaigi Conference 2015

photo credit : Mr.Tatsuya Haga